Miragens – Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica

The Municipal Center of Art Hélio Oiticica(RJ) presents a collective exhibition called Miragem (Miragens). The show is part of the research of 7 artists in the region of Saara (RJ), where the cultural center is located. The result of the investigation was a set of paintings, objects, installations and tales. The title Miragem (Mirages) suggests several meanings, which also cross the exhibition: either it can be a hidden city, an optical effect produced by the reflection of light, a dream. The exhibition’s curator, Marisa Florida, asks: “What cities does a city shelter?”

From the works, Marisa created seven Cities-Mirages: “Lexia, the city of words that float without corresponding to compulsory or habitual senses (Gilberto Martins); YbÝ ObÝ, the city of the blue-green earth and the inhabited words (Cláudia Lyrio); Vedetta, the city of women and sentinels, of vigilance and seduction (Fernanda Leme); Akó, the city of the wanderings and rove in which each vision and encounter hurls to other times and corners (Talita Tunala); Astella, the city that is only accessible by kaleidoscope (Rafael Prado); Cérbera, the city of the invisible rivers where one lives of exchanges and perpetual debts (Eduardo Garcia); Àgbaiyé, the city where the whole world fits (Jean Araújo).”

Centro Municipal de Arte Hélio Oiticica

Watch here the low-resolution version.