Fio Corpo Terra – Saracura

The Fio Corpo Terra (Wire Body Earth) exhibition took place as an unfolding of the residence done by thirteen artists in Alambari(SP) in January of 2017. The proposal is born of the desire for encounter and coexistence with the wire.

Participating artists: Ana Biolchini, Bruno Oliveira, Carolina Amorim, Carolina Medeiros, Erika Malzoni, Gabriela Michelini, Maíra Vaz Valente, Mariana S Guimarães, Nina Veiga, Raphael Couto, Simone Moraes M de Barros, Victor Tozarin and Yuli Anastassakis.

Curatorial accompaniment by Maria Catarina Duncan.

Idealization of Residence by Mariana Guimarães.


Watch here the low-resolution version.