Constelar – Instituto Pró-Saber

The Institute of Education Pró-Saber has produced the Constelar show to celebrate its 30 years of existence. The exhibition brought together for a week works that dealt with issues of exchange and affection, teaching and learning, inclusion and welcoming.
The works were inserted inside the institute where a part of the furniture was kept, allowing a dialogue with the daily activities of the institution.
“One of the bases of the joke is to always do new, formulate, reformulate. This is otherwise a subversive attitude. I keep thinking about the scenes where the gift is given to a child and soon to apperars the worry about guarding to not spoil. This is an attitude contrary to the idea of the chimera and the joke, because the subversion is in the search of other formulas for the same object. In some works exposed in Constellar we can activate this desire, of doing and redoing”, concludes the curator Marcelo Campos.
Participating artists: Afonso Tostes, Anna Linnemann, Ana Miguel, Barrão, Brígida Baltar, Cadu, Camille Kachani, Carolina Ponte, Gê Orthof, Jarbas Lopes, José Bento, Maria Laet, Pedro Varela e, do Atelier Gaia, Arlindo, Clóvis, Leonardo Lobão, Luiz Marques, Patricia Ruth and Pedro Motta.

Instituto Pró-Saber

Watch here the low-resolution version.